Filling Vacancies, Collecting Money, Protecting Property

Flex Realty Property Management is your ‘one stop shop’ for all things real estate. Some companies simply are in the real estate business. We, on the other hand, are in the buisness of real estate and there is a difference. Of course we would prefer to explain our company to you in person, however, in the interest of your time, listed below are brief descriptions of just some of the products and services we offer.

Property Management

Whether you need vacancies filled, difficult tenants dealt with, maintenance costs controlled or troublesome phone calls eliminated, Flex Property Management is your one stop shop. We have nearly 20 years experience and the references to prove it!

Government Leasing Contracts And Support

We are well versed in the LMHA Program of goverment subsized rent payment. We can take properties and prepare them for initial inspections, follow up inspection and finally contract completion. We have nearly 20 years experience in this field.

Property Rehab

No matter if you have bought a foreclosure, had a vandalizing tenant or simply need your property freshened, Flex Property Management can get the job done. We control costs through a combination of competitive bidding, offering performance incentives, smart utilization of both licensed contractors and reputalbe handymen as well as promising quick payment for service. Additionally, unlike many other companies, WE DO NOT have ‘up-charges’ or ‘supervisory’ fees.

Forensic Property Management Accounting

Through a combination of accounting technique and investigative skills, our team can perform ‘informal’ audits relating to previous management companies and the costs associated with them.


Some times, there is no choice but to remove difficult tenants. The team at Flex Property Management is well versed in Ohio law regarding these matters. “Out with the old-in with the productive”

Property Preservation

We offer property preservation to asset managers from around the Country. Past clients include, Fannie Mae and HUD.

Condition Audits

Often times, an independent assessment of property condition is necessary to stave off insurance issues and unexpected maintenance expenses. We are well versed in inspection techniques and can team with local industry professionals when waranted.