About Flex Realty Property Management

Flex Property Management was founded in 1992. Since then, we have become well known for our dedication to providing clean, safe and affordable housing while simultaniously generating as significant a cash flow as possible for our owners. Our attention to detail, knowledge of the law, reliable accounting, expertly trained staff and commitment to the highest of ethical business conduct have made us a regional and national leader. Whether you are a woker at a local factory trying to build for a child’s college eduction or an investor from outside the USA with hundreds of homes, you will always receive our utmost attention.

About Our Staff

Flex Property Management is a fully intregrated and highly developed company. Each team leader is an expert in their field. Our staff includes….

Bill Webert, Owner, Licensed Agent, owner relations. Bill started his career with Flex Realty when he moved to the Toledo area from the small town of Oak Harbor in 2003. He started out his time with Flex Realty doing sales then moved into Property Management. One of Bills first duties were to go post eviction notices, opening mail, making copies and misc. other office work. Since then Bill has elevated his career from the entry level position, to leasing agent, to head of maintenance, to now running Flex Realty Property Management. With working his way from the bottom up Bill has learned every job on the way to becoming the owner of Flex Realty Property Management. Bill is the first contact most owners/investors have regarding existing or future business.

Toni, Finance. Tonie brings more than 7 years of banking and finance experience to the operation. Whether it involves rent collection, utility transfer, collection issues or statement reconcilliation, none is better than Toni.

Sue Domanski, Resident Relations. With more than 25 years of experience, Sue is an expert at leasing vacancies and doing background checks. Her team focuses on leasing, marketing, evictions/legal actions and government conracts.

Mike Clark, Head of Maintenance. Mike has an extensive back ground in the maintenance field. He has been with the Flex team since 2007 working out in the field till he took an office job in 2015. Now Mike and his team coordinates all maintenance requests, rehab projects, inspections, vendor relations and much more.

Commitment To Our Tenant/Clients

We promise to provide to you clean, safe and dependable housing. We promise to be responsive to your calls.

Commitment To Our Owners

We are housing providers too. We ‘walk-the-walk’ not just ‘talk-the-talk’. We promise to watch over your investment as if it was our own. We promise to do our best in finding the best possible renter for you and then collecting the rent when due. We promise to maintain your home as needed without cost overages and WE PROMISE TO KEEP YOU INFORMED.

We manage properties in Toledo, Sylvania, Oregon, Perrysburg, Maumee, and all over Northwest Ohio.