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Questions You Should Ask ANY Property Management Company BEFORE Hiring 
We know Flex Property Management represents the very best in real estate management, but you don't have to take our word for it...shop around. When you do call around, be sure to ask all the right questions. Following is a list of questions you should be sure to ask, in addition to your own...

Are you licensed by the State of Ohio? If they are not stop right there. In Ohio, hiring an unlicensed firm is dangerous, against the law and  YOU are at risk.

Do you require cash reserves? Flex does not.

When are statements mailed? Always learn when statements will be mailed. If they are less than every 30 days...run away!

Are there designated personal? You want people who are held accountable to be able to answer your questions. Our team leaders know about your finance, maintenance and tenant relations. No searching for answers...we have them ready.

Are you insured? You need to make sure the company you hire has both E & O Insurance and Liability Insurance. Also, if the company does their own maintenance, insist on seeing workers compensation insurance. Without the right insurance, you could find yourself  liable for 100's of thousands of dollars.

Do you have fair housing training and what is it? Fair housing violations can cost home owners a minimum of $25,000+. It's serious, but  it's also easily avoidable.

How is maintenance handled? Be careful of property management companies that also make money from maintenance. Often times you  will find the property management company makes far more money from your maintenance expenses than it does from 
management.  We believe it is a confilct of interest. Flex does not make money from maintenance expenditures.

Are there upcharges? Many companies insert upcharges to owners for repair work, sometimes as much as 10%. Flex does not.

How is advertising done to fill vacancies? Be sure they are address specific.

How do you qualify tenants? Is there an income-to-rent ratio? Do you use credit scores? Is there a criminal background check?

Is there a long term contract? At Flex, we believe an owner should be able to move their property any time they want and WITHOUT  PENATLY.